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Coming soon: July 17, 9am-5pm, cost $360/team.

Register June 19th 4v4 Festival Sinc Sports Site:
Click Here 

Number of Games:
Everyone will be guaranteed 4 games minimum.   

We will use 1 of 2 formats depending on the number of teams signed up and the amount of crossover needed to get meaningful games.  

1. Round robin and a championship
2. Round robin and points winner.  This is the most likely format as some brackets will need crossover to get the most meaningful games.   

Schedules will be posted Wednesday or Thursday before each event.  We will send google doc to all registered players before the event with all field locations and field numbers.  

Team names are very important.  I will send an online google doc multiple times the week before each event for you to get your team name and players for each team.  This is how I will schedule the games.  You do not need to send me emails with teams and players.  Once you get the sheet anyone from your team can add team name and players names.  I will also send current registered players on this online document.   

Rules and Game Details:                                            

Field dimensions 20x30

25 min games running clock no halftime and games start every half hour

5 min between games

Sub on any stoppage

4v4 no goalies

Goals can only be scored inside the attacking half

Kickins on balls out of bounds

No players can touch ball inside marked area in front of goal or penalty kick for defending or free kick if attacker touches ball

All fouls outside penalty box are indirect kicks

Penalty kicks will be taken from midfield (penalty happens from defending and touching ball in the box)

Coaches/Directors will be managing the fields. 

Only one coach per team and no parents are allowed on any playing surface at any time.

If you have any questions please contact Mike Gailey (text is fastest 770-875-6929). 

Team registration ends each Sunday at 6pm before event.  All players must be registered by Sunday at 6pm and email sent with team players.

$60 per player per event.  Max 6 players per team.  All events are separate. 

  • Summer Festival 1: June 19th
  • Summer Festival 2: July 17th
  • Winter 4v4s coming soon!
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